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"We don't just teach a man to fish, we show him how to build a boat and then navigate the waters to find more fish"

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Vetmade Industries actively seeks out unemployed disabled veterans ( must meet the elligibility criteria listed below); through collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), other veteran support organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion, and referrals.
We provide a comprehensive 5-phase on-the-job training program; along with counseling from local business and veteran support agency leaders.
Our end-state is a trained, educated, motivated, and stable veteran who is ready to re-join the workforce.

Elligibility Criteria:

1. Honorable Discharge from the armed forces (from DD 214)
2. VA disability rating of at least 10% (sevice connected or not), or Florida State disability determination*
3. No felony convictions (from records check)
4. No drug abuse (signed screening agreement)

* Vetmade will provide services to non-disabled unemployed veterans on a space-available basis

The goal of Vetmade Industries is not soley to teach veterans technical skills, rather to prepare them for long-term careers by ensuring each veteran is ready to work.

Currently, Vetmade is operating a woodworking shop in Tampa Florida; proceeds from the sale of our hand-made items goes back to the veterans in the form of wages and training; as well as ensuring we can continue to provide services to the disabled veterans in the Tampa area.
Our woodworking shop is only the first type of training venue, we are constantly looking for other partners in any vocation.
Our ultimate goal is to export the Vetmade model Nation-wide; making it the model for disabled veteran support.

phasesGoals By Phase

Borrowing from the U.S. Navy, we have adopted a colored "hat" system.  Aboard an aircraft carrier, each member of the flight deck has a specific job and wears a colored shirt and hat representing it. From the bridge, the captain can look down and instantly determine who is who.

Vetmade has adopted this same type of identification system.  Each Vetmade worker/student wears a colored hat which indicates where he or she is within the 5-phase training continuum.

Within each phase, we have identified specific goals.  To reach these goals, we will rely upon assistance from outside organizations to assist in the training.

Throughout the five-phases, however, the veteran is working, learning, getting paid and moving forward.

We employ, train, and develop disabled veterans with the goal of ultimately placing them in good-paying, long-term careers .
  • Vetmade Industries serves as a bridge between veteran support organizations such as the Veterans Administration, other non-profit Veteran support organizations, and the private business sector.
  • Vetmade pairs exceptionally qualified veterans with equally exceptional businesses.

What sets Vetmade Industries apart from other veteran support organizations is our "Family Business" approach to preparing a veteran for future employment. When an American joins the military, he or she joins a family, this family will not forsake them after they take off the uniform.

We provide initial vocational training and employment, as well as business-skill building for its employees in the woodworking shop;  we specialize in high-quality Adirondack furniture. (The Family Business) In the shop all veterans, no mater what their skill level,  learn to manufacture very high-quality custom woodworking items, especially Adirondack furniture along side their brothers and sisters.

How Vetmade Industries does it?

Vetmade Industries is performance oriented and hands on. We take personal interest in the worker and set high yet attainable standards for both employers and employees.

Veterans who come to Vetmade, no matter what career path he or she ultimately takes, start out in the Family Business.

Learning to make garden furniture does more than produce a quality product, it aids in a disabled veteran's re-entry into the workplace by developing good work habits, fostering attention to detail and quality assurance, as well as re-energizing and motivating the veteran.

Many disabled veterans have not only endured long and sometimes painful medical rehabilitation, but also long periods of unemployment and financial difficulty.  The workshops of vetmade partners provide both a "safe-haven" for our veterans to learn a skill, as well as a much-needed paycheck.

The veterans of Vetmade do not do "busy work", rather they earn their pay and produce the finest quality American made products in the world, while they prepare themselves for their ultimate careers.